'Visionary' Hyun-Joo Park, Chairman of Mirae Asset, "Equips entire organization with intelligent AI platform"

Awarded the International Management Association's 'International CEO of the Year Award' for the first time by an Asian financial person on March 3

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Hyun-Joo Park, chairman of Mirae Asset Group, winner of the International Management Association's International CEO of the Year Award [Courtesy of Mirae Asset Group/Yonhap News Agency]

"Our goal is to equip the entire organization with an intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) platform, while at the same time utilizing this powerful technology transparently and responsibly throughout our business," said Hyun-Joo Park, chairman of Mirae Asset Group.

"While financial sophistication has increased dramatically, many investors still pay significant fees for investment products and services," Park said in a keynote speech at the AIB-Academy of International Business annual conference, "AIB 2004 Seoul," at the Lotte Hotel in Sogong, Seoul. Therefore, we must continue to explore new ways to deliver greater value to our clients and society."

To that end, Mirae Asset Group launched Wealthspot in the U.S. this year and acquired Australia's leading robo-advisor, Stockspot, last year, paving the way for global AI expansion, Park said.

"This is just the beginning of our next major business transformation to deliver better client returns at lower fees," he said.

Park also emphasized the importance of ESG (environmental, social responsibility, and good corporate governance) as a guiding principle for the company.

"Establishing Mirae Asset was our first action to positively impact society through job and wealth creation," he said. "Since our inception, we have been committed to integrating ESG principles as a cornerstone of our decision-making process and an effective risk management system."

"In the financial industry, there are many moments of success and failure, but many companies lose sight of the fundamentals and end up on the wrong side of the fence." "Companies that adhere to sound and robust ESG principles resist the temptation to prioritize short-term profits and focus on long-term value creation. I believe that only such financial companies can lead our society in the right direction."

Reflecting on the company's founding and growth, Mr. Park said, "In times of adversity, we have pioneered with a mindset of constant innovation, turning real-world constraints into challenges for expansion."

"In an era of rapid technological innovation, we need to be guided by honesty, transparency, and a mindset that always puts customers and society first," said Mr. Park, who defines the most important qualities of a successful entrepreneur as "strategic thinking and forward-thinking adaptability.

On the same day, Mr. Park was honored with AIB's International Executive of the Year Award.

Mr. Park is the first Asian financial executive to receive this award in recognition of his leadership in developing Mirae Asset Group into a world-class investment bank.

Founded in Michigan, USA, in 1959, AIB currently has more than 3,400 world-renowned scholars and experts from more than 90 countries, engaged in research, education, and policy formulation in the field of international management, as well as cross-national academic exchanges and seminars.

By Hye Yeon Hong hongyang0427@naver.com

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